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fill ‘er up, originally uploaded by aaeastes.

Driving down back highways of Arkansas last summer there were little gas stations boarded up and abandoned all along the way. The interstates have claimed all the business with their super stations offering McDonald’s and Fried Chicken available with your petrol purchase.

The way of the future that has people speeding through life and not taking the scenic route. It might take a little longer but I would have missed not only this but the amazing pines, mist from the rain that began to fall and the open road ahead without anyone speeding around me or slowing me down.

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The best part about it all

The best part of any journey for me has always been who was sharing the experience.  And my trip to Colorado proved it to be true once again.  Erica makes me laugh like no other.  Ten years of friendship, many trips around the world and a true desire to see each other happy and thriving, no matter what life throws at us, tie us together.  Josh is a partner in crime, adventurer and all around great guy.  And he does the most beautiful swan dive into the snow I have ever seen.   (video evidence can be seen here)  Wrex, the dog was a friendly addition to our group.  Several local breweries were sampled.  Snow angels were made, of which mine was the best.  Wonderful food was cooked by chef Josh.  Sunshine and snow were plentiful.  Laughter was easy.  And memories sweet.   Thanks to you both for such a great trip.


Took a day off to explore Breckenridge…(my legs were actually demanding a day off).  A cozy coffee shop, a delicious Hazelnut Latte and we were off.  My legs were glad for the break and so was I after I had a chance to look at the photos from that day.  The colors are wonderfully muted.  The smell of wood fires was in the air.  Kids running around bundled up with only their noses visible.  And I was in one of the most beautiful places in the world.  A good day.

It’s a beautiful, sunny, 70 degree day here in Austin, Texas and I am dreaming of snowy days.
Have a great weekend everyone.

Skier’s Paradise


Keystone was where we spent the first day out on the slopes.  The sun was shining.  The runs were freshly groomed.  It was a skier’s paradise.  I’ve skied almost as long as I have walked.  There are few things I love more than flying down a wide open run, heart racing by the time you reach the bottom and getting right onto a lift to do it all over again.

And at the end of the day it was time for G&Ts out of Mason jars.  It was a good day.

Snow in Black and White

It was a beautiful drive out of Denver into the mountains.  Leaving the city and driving higher and higher.  Clean snow, not the dirty driven in snow of town, becoming more visible.  Ears popping. And then you are at 9000 ft in a valley with mountains all around.  After we got to the apartment it was time for a trek through the snow.  So I bundled up and grabbed my camera.

Sunrise from my window

Sunrise from my window, originally uploaded by aaeastes.

I saw the sun rising as I flew into Denver. The mountains in the distance and the pinks and reds were so beautiful. I am not usually someone who is up early enough to see a sunrise, but seeing this reminds me that maybe I should more often.

Thinking of greener times

Those who know me well (and even those who don’t) know I am not a girl who likes cold weather.  I make know secret of this.  And now after living in Austin for 8 years and it drops to 50 degrees outside I begin longing for the warm days of Spring and Summer.  I forget about the 100 degree plus days.  Running from air conditioned building to air conditioned building.  When it’s cold outside I look to warmer times…when the sun was out and all the world was green.  Here’s a few that have me dreaming of those sun filled days to come…


In China the color red means good luck and fortune.  In India a red mark on the forehead is said to bring good luck.  To Hindus it symbolizes joy, life, energy and creativity.  To Christians it represents Christ’s blood and redemption.  As I was driving to a Christmas party I decided to take back roads through the country, out of the city limits.  I saw splashes of red all over the countryside.  Where one tree had lost all it’s leaves, it’s friend stood dressed in bright red beside him.  Next to fences red berries shouted for the world to see them.  And on a cold Sunday the red made me feel joyful, creative, full of life and ready to see what luck was going to find me.


Not everyone likes to take pictures of kids.  I am not a fan of the awkward family photo type of portraits (I am sure because I have enough of those in my own past) but I do love to take pictures of kids doing what they do best.  They are always on the move.  You never know what they are going to do.  And they make some of the most photographic faces without even knowing it.  And they do grow up so fast.  Here are some of my favorite little people.