Montana Part 3

Zip lining was on the agenda for day three in Montana. And I have to say I was a little nervous about it. More nervous than I was about jumping out of a plane. This may seem funny but with skydiving I wasn’t really responsible for doing anything except holding my head back and screaming. The latter I did quit well I must say. But I didn’t really know what to expect with zip lining over 400ft drops, at pretty high speeds, down a mountain. But it wasn’t going to stop me.
We got to the Whitefish ski lodge and I was signed in, weighed, given a harness to wrangle into and told to pick out a helmet. Then a safety video was watched (already way more instruction than skydiving) and we headed out to the first zip. The bunny slope if you will. About 100ft long and not high at all. Cassandra, my new friend who also luckily works at The Great Northern Brewery, and I paired up since two zipped at a time and we were off and I was hooked. Ready to go higher and faster and longer. There were 7 lines in all. The highest was 400ft over a valley and the longest was 1900ft. There were poses like the starfish to slow yourself down and the pencil (my favorite) to speed up and go as fast as you could down the line. Also going on that day was production of a promotional video for the mountain. So if I make it into the promo video I will definitely post that too. Thank you Andy and Jesse for such a great day.




“bunny slope”


I know I make it look good 🙂


After the excitement of that it was time to feed this girl. Cassandra mentioned a “western Mexican” restaurant and since she is from San Diego I trusted her judgement on Mexican food above an unseen line that crosses this great country. (I have been told that there is a great Mexican place in Charleston that I need to try as well and someday I will. As I trust all the food I have tried in Chas and the giver of this advise). And I have to say Pascado Blanco did not disappoint. The Elk Chorizo and fish tacos (my weakness) were delicious as was the amazing tangerine, carrot and habanero hot sauce. Trust me…it was delicious!




And of course I wanted some dessert so it was back to a new favorite place, Loula’s, for some Bread Pudding with whiskey sauce and coffee.


It was a good day and I am very thankful that I have a dad who loves me and had it all planned out for me before I even got off the plane. And to top off the day we found a local distillery, started by some North Carolina boys, where they make some pretty strong drink in the Montana mountains. And they had recently purchased what every distillery needs…a Yak.


More soon…


Montana Part One

My day started with an alarm at 3:30AM. I had a plane to catch at 6. I arrived at the airport, checked bag, security scanners, and then found coffee.
Kalispell, Montana my destination. I’m always excited to go somewhere new. And Big Sky country is new and somewhere I’ve always wanted to see. And being a girl who isn’t a fan of cold weather I seized the chance to go in July when the temps reach a balmy high of 80 and not November when I don’t even want to think of what a normal HIGH may be…but I digress.
It is beautiful here. Naturally beautiful. Untouched in so many ways. It’s good to know that there are still places in this amazing country that seem to be untouched by the busyness of the rest of the world. In the valley where I am mountains surround and still have snow covering their tops. A place where snow was just cleared off of mountain passes in the last few weeks. Where the air smells of pine and honeysuckle and not exhaust fumes from everyone trying to get “somewhere.”
Don’t get me wrong. I love the city. I love having “somewhere” to be. But it is good to remember that you need to slow down. Being busy doesn’t always mean you are getting everything out of life that you could. More likely you are missing out on small things that could strike you deeply and largely. Take a breath and remember what honeysuckle in the air smells like. So far it’s been just what I needed.

Camera bag, coffee and IPad…I’m set.

Sunrise over Austin

Lewis and Clark discovered this river. I doubt it looks much different now than it did to them.

Snow covered mountain tops. Not clouds!

Northern Rockies. Almost there.

I will have some Good Medicine. Thank you. (brewery is just across the street)


So was my medicine

Coffee and Huckleberry Raspberry pie = happy girl

Big Sky

Happy I had my scarf and sweater

My view

My reminder

Me saying goodnight
More tomorrow

Happy Friday!

It’s been a very busy but great last few weeks.   I’ve been celebrating new homes and new babies with friends.  The arrival of sunshine and warmth after a dreary winter.  An offer to show my photography in the Dallas area for a few months starting in July.  Selling my work.  Shooting TV segments with Tribeza and CW Austin.   Planning a my trip to England/Scotland in August (so very excited, fingers crossed it all works out).  Painting, sewing and taking pictures.  And Sunday I even get to dress up and model beautiful gowns.  So many blessings and opportunities.  I hope you all have a great weekend!  Cheers!

(more pics soon)

Snow in Black and White

It was a beautiful drive out of Denver into the mountains.  Leaving the city and driving higher and higher.  Clean snow, not the dirty driven in snow of town, becoming more visible.  Ears popping. And then you are at 9000 ft in a valley with mountains all around.  After we got to the apartment it was time for a trek through the snow.  So I bundled up and grabbed my camera.

Time for a broken heart

When you ask someone, “How long does it take a broken heart to heal?”  No one has a good answer.  But the one universal thing is that it all has to do with time.

It’s true time does pass and more time between you and the breaking should make things easier.  But when it is your heart that is broken time just doesn’t seem like it will be enough.

I heard a movie line once that said, 

      “Do you know the most surprising thing about divorce? It doesn’t actually kill you. Like a bullet to the heart or a head-on car wreck. It should. When someone you’ve promised to cherish till death do you part says “I never loved you,” it should kill you instantly. You shouldn’t have to wake up day after day after that, trying to understand how in the world you didn’t know.”

Over the last three months I have discovered who my true friends are and I have searched myself and found a deeper strength then I knew I had.  It’s a strength and a faith that I have clinged to as everything I thought I would have in my life fell apart in front of my eyes. 

It’s a funny thing to give your heart to someone.  It takes some time to get it back.  To realize that, just because someone else has thrown it away, you do want it back even all bruised.  That it’s still a good heart.  And someday you will be capable of giving it to someone else.

It will just take time…

        And what is next….?

I don’t know exactly but I did always want to travel and take pictures.
My passport is ready and my tickets are booked.  

I think that’s a good place to start.


I have never been known as one who sees the glass half full. Sometimes my realistic nature gets the better of me and I focus more on the half that is missing. Over the last year there has been a shift in me that sees that glass in a different way. It’s been slow and steady but I am recognizing it more and more. There are more blessings in my life then could be counted. And because of the blessings of love, family, friendship and health (along with countless other things) I see the fullness of my glass.