Montana Part Two

Glacier National Park is beautiful. Of course you think of most of our national parks and you think of natural beautiful and some man made (Mt. Rushmore for example) beauty. But I loved Glacier.
We took an open top bus tour through the park to see as much as we could in the day we were there. The sun was shining. The flowers were blooming and the smell of the lodge pole pine and cedar was wonderful. The Flathead river is a beautiful turquoise blue from the glacier run off and the “rock flour” that is picked up along the way. The Black Feet reservations flank the park with rolling sacred hills and prayer cloths blow in the wind through the trees. There are moose, deer and bears to be seen if you are looking. Cascading water cuts down mountainsides. I saw the Continental Divide and drove across it to the rivers flowing in a different direction.
No pictures I took that day can do it justice. It is like trying to capture the Grand Canyon on film. You can never quit convey the breathtaking feeling of seeing and smelling and hearing it all.

A few fun pictures from the Izaak Walton Hotel where we joined our tour.




When is the last time you used a pay phone?

Inquiring minds want to know


My view while waiting for the bus

A little writing






<img src=”” alt=”20120708-1046

The Continental Divide

A little sun and wind burned but it was a good day.


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