Passport #1

Passport #1, originally uploaded by aaeastes.
I was bitten early by the travel bug. First passport photo at 5 months old. I have had a few passports now. Filled with stamps to places far (New Zealand) and near (Oh Canada!). I’ve loved every trip. Every adventure. And tomorrow I leave on another. Europe has not quite worked out this summer (but fingers still crossed for sooner rather than later) but Central America has.
So I am off to explore Panama. My travel playlist is ready with everything from The Civil Wars to the Rolling Stones. My swimming suit, sunscreen, bug repellant and cameras are packed. Anticipation for a behind the scenes look and travel through the Panama Canal is in place. Cheap lobster dinners are definitely being looked forward to. Eating my weight in all kinds of fresh seafood will be a must. And doing all of this with some of my best friends in the world is cherry on top.