Happy Friday!

It’s been a very busy but great last few weeks.   I’ve been celebrating new homes and new babies with friends.  The arrival of sunshine and warmth after a dreary winter.  An offer to show my photography in the Dallas area for a few months starting in July.  Selling my work.  Shooting TV segments with Tribeza and CW Austin.   Planning a my trip to England/Scotland in August (so very excited, fingers crossed it all works out).  Painting, sewing and taking pictures.  And Sunday I even get to dress up and model beautiful gowns.  So many blessings and opportunities.  I hope you all have a great weekend!  Cheers!

(more pics soon)


fill ‘er up

fill ‘er up, originally uploaded by aaeastes.

Driving down back highways of Arkansas last summer there were little gas stations boarded up and abandoned all along the way. The interstates have claimed all the business with their super stations offering McDonald’s and Fried Chicken available with your petrol purchase.

The way of the future that has people speeding through life and not taking the scenic route. It might take a little longer but I would have missed not only this but the amazing pines, mist from the rain that began to fall and the open road ahead without anyone speeding around me or slowing me down.

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The best part about it all

The best part of any journey for me has always been who was sharing the experience.  And my trip to Colorado proved it to be true once again.  Erica makes me laugh like no other.  Ten years of friendship, many trips around the world and a true desire to see each other happy and thriving, no matter what life throws at us, tie us together.  Josh is a partner in crime, adventurer and all around great guy.  And he does the most beautiful swan dive into the snow I have ever seen.   (video evidence can be seen here)  Wrex, the dog was a friendly addition to our group.  Several local breweries were sampled.  Snow angels were made, of which mine was the best.  Wonderful food was cooked by chef Josh.  Sunshine and snow were plentiful.  Laughter was easy.  And memories sweet.   Thanks to you both for such a great trip.

Snow Day

My last day skiing the storm came.  By the end of the day there was 17 inches of fresh powder to ski in.  It was great.  As long as you didn’t mind being cold and not really being able to see where you are going.  It’s a totally different kind of skiing to “feel” your way down the mountain.  At some points during the day the sun would try and peek through but it never lasted long.  I was so bundled up day that all you could see was the tip of my nose…(picture from Erica coming soon) and taking pictures was a very quick job.