Kisses from God

I remember hearing a sermon years ago about how God will let us feel His presence and how much He loves us in small ways.  The pastor had called them “God kisses.”  I have never been a believer that God can only be found in a church building.  More and more I feel that is the last place He can be found.  More and more I see Him in nature, in other people and in places most people think He’s not.

Last week I was doing some work at the Capital Area Food Bank.  I was in a break room when a girl named Alexis walked in.  She was there volunteering with other kids from her Special Ed class.  She walked into the room full of questions.  “Do you have an alarm clock in your room?” “What color are the numbers?” “Do you have an oven?” “What color are the numbers?” etc….she never stopped moving around the room.  I had to stop and think about what color the numbers on my clock were.  It had never occurred to me that would be interesting to someone else but it was important to Alexis.  Then just as quickly as she came into the room she walked out the door.  I was laughing to myself at how much energy she had when she quickly walked back into the room and right up to me.  She looked at me and asked, “What does your hair smell like?”…I looked at her and said, “I don’t know…like flowers I guess?”  She smiled, picked up some of my hair, took a deep breath and said, “Yup, you smell like flowers.” Then she skipped out of the room.

I know it might seem silly to most people but in that moment, on that day, it was exactly what my heart needed to hear.  I was at the food bank trying to help others, in whatever ways I could, and this little girl spoke just the words I needed to hear.  I needed to hear that someone, even this little girl who many would feel sorry for because she’s not “normal,” would care about something like the smell of my hair.  The small things in life, the overlooked things in life were important to her.  It was a good reminder to me to pay attention to small details, to keep my eyes and ears open for someone who might need to know that someone cares about the little things in their lives too.  You never know when you might be what God uses to give one of His “God kisses” away.


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