Orange Macaroons (almost a success)

I saw this recipe for Orange Macaroons and thought they looked delicious.  And I thought, “I can make these.  No problem.”  So after a trip to the store I had everything I needed and came up with my game plan.

First I had to make the Almond Paste. Never having done this before I wasn’t sure exactly what it was and what it needed to look like.  I found a recipe and followed it exactly and my paste came out to be a little more like wallpaper paste than the paste the weird kid in school used to eat.  But I thought…Whoever wrote this recipe knows what they are talking about so this must be what it is supposed to look like.

Needless to say when the paste was added to the rest of the ingredients and the next step was to “roll into 18 inch ropes” I looked at my cake batter consistency cookie dough and knew that was not going to happen….

So what could I do to fix this?  Flour thickens things.  I’ll just add enough until I can roll the cookies out.  Cups of flour later…it worked and still tasted good.

So while I will probably never be able to repeat my version of these cookies they were edible and everyone loved them.  Martha may be mortified but I will count that as a success.

I had to have a few for quality control purposes and even for all the mistakes and “fixing” that they took, they were still delicious!


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