I heard you say you’re from Texas…

Day 3:

I heard you say you were from Texas and I wanted to show you some Southern hospitality and buy you a drink.

I loved Alabama.  Not just for the hospitality but for the pine trees, the Kudzu vines, the BBQ and the friends we spent time with there.  The big town of Jacksonville was our stop for the evening.  We stayed with a friend on her 80 acre “farm” complete with private shooting range, lots of old buildings and a clear night sky to watch a meteor shower.   We ate some of the best ribs I’ve ever had at Cooters Rib Shack and drank beers with names like The Naked Pig and Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan. And got to know a very special cat named Mina all the way from Afghanistan.  She has a story all her own to tell. 

And on we go to Chattanooga…


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