Lost on Country Roads

I spent last weekend driving the back roads of central Texas.  Off of the highways with my camera next to me.  It’s country where Lyle Lovett and Robert Earl Keen came of age.  Lyle still lives there and you can see how the roads do go on forever.  There is a wave from the farmers in their trucks and Texas pride everywhere you look.  Towns are called Blackjack and there’s a Baptist church on a corner of every town.  I found an ice cream factory,  gourmet chocolates, beautiful rolling hills dotted with horses and cattle, and a renewed love of removing myself from the city.

saving a little summertime

I love to cook.  I love cooking for other people to enjoy.  I love trying new things.  So this summer I tried my hand at making fig preserves.    Something that combines all of these loves.

A neighbor had more figs than she knew what to do with and I was willing to go and spend sometime in the Texas heat to pick them.  I  found a recipe for Drunken Fig Jam and I thought it sounded like an excellent idea.  The first batch is finished and I have to say tastes pretty good.  I’ll give myself a little pat on the back.  And there are jars to share which is better than any pat on the back.